Services at the MSU Union

Union Building Through Flowers

The MSU Union is home to many services for MSU students, alumni, and the community! Listed are the services offered in the building along with a directory for each service.

Welcome Center

The MSU Union Welcome Center is here to assist all visitors to The MSU Union and the campus at large. The helpful staff is always ready to provide directions and answer any questions you may have. The Welcome Center is located on the first floor, in the North West corner of the building.

First Floor
Phone: 517-884-2244

Studying and Meeting Spaces

The MSU Union offers a variety of spaces for studying, meetings, or simply catching up with friends. Click here to check out more information about the variety of available spaces.

MSUFCU -- temporarily closed Fall 2020

Located on the main floor of the Union, the MSU Federal Credit Union is the premier financial institution for MSU students, faculty and their families. Parents can use their checking and savings accounts to electronically transfer money into their student's accounts. There are also several ATM’s available for public use.

First Floor
Phone: 517-664-6930

North Neighborhood Engagement Center -- temporarily closed Fall 2020

The North Neighborhood Engagement Center offers academic support to students, including academic advising, math tutoring and writing tutoring. There is also a computer lab available to all those with a MSU ID. It is located on the second floor of the MSU Union.

Third Floor
Phone 517-884-4050

University Activities Board

The University Activities Board creates and plans a wide variety of programs and events for students all throughout the school year. Check out the UAB calendar for a listing of their events. They also offer carpet and linen services for those living on campus in the Residence Halls.

Ground Floor, Room 26
Phone: 517- 355-3354

Multicultural Mosaic Unity Center -- temporarily closed Fall 2020

Located on the second floor of the MSU Union, The Mosaic Center hosts a variety of different programs throughout the school year, from academically-oriented presentations, student group meetings to informal social receptions. The Mosaic Center is an inclusive organization that welcomes all.

Second Floor
Phone 517-432-7153


Located on the fourth floor of the MSU Union, The Council of Racial and Ethnic Students (CORES) works to promote social and cultural understanding through important cultural events and serve as advocates for their members by staying abreast of issues that impact their respective community, and by working with University faculty, staff and administration in addressing concerns.


Located on the third floor of the MSU Union, the Counseling and Psychiatric Services works to connect each student with the most appropriate and available resources and services within CAPS, across MSU and throughout our community.

Wireless Technology

The MSU Union has wireless internet available to all those with an MSU ID.

Biggby -- temporarily closed Fall 2020
First Floor
Phone: 517-353-1635

Dairy Store -- temporarily closed Fall 2020
First Floor
Phone: 517-353-9988

Spartan Spirit Shop
First Floor
Phone: 517-355-5116

First Floor
Phone: 517-355-3498

Union Food Court
First Floor
Phone: 517-884-0656

MSU Tours 
Second Floor 
Phone: 517-884-0640

Third Floor
Phone: 517-355-8332
Fax: 517-353-1647

*Main office is in Hannah Administration Building